Tuscany needs no introduction. It is considered one of the most beautiful and friendly regions in Italy thanks to its rich culture and magnificent landscapes. Situated at the centre of Italy, it amazes for the variety of scenery and colours, but also for the attention to traditions and the simplicity of daily life. These aspects are particularly true of the Florentine countryside, in which the hills seem to pursue each other and lose themselves over the horizon, before merging with the Apennines.

It is precisely here, in a gentle pursuit of hills, often wooded and etched by rivers, that one can rediscover the sound of silence and find that tranquillity which is often missing in daily life.

Nature reveals itself in all its splendour, pampering with its sun and mountains and granting long relaxing walks in the countryside allowing the rediscovery of products local to the area, such as the genuine cuisine of Mugello and the Chianti wineries.

Food and wine are the elements which amaze for the simplicity of raw materials and unique and traditional taste.
In fact, tradition is the cornerstone of the sector which has always driven this region’s economy: craftwork. Crafts of pottery and wrought iron can boast centuries of history, allowing the appreciation and use of what man has known how to invent and create over the years thanks to his work and genius.

All these features make the territory of Mugello and the Florentine area of Chianti and, more in general, all of Tuscany, a strategic place in which to own a property.

The reasons for purchasing can be many: from having a place in which to relax and enjoy peace and quiet, or a house which you can live in permanently or temporarily; finally, it can also be a holiday home to rent to tourists, in one of the best loved and visited places of Italy, a means to provide an ongoing source of income.

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